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  • Registration Gap or Registration Crater?

    16 June 2017

    The recent High Court of Baker and Another v Craggs has brought the registration gap back into the limelight, and at a time when the Land Registry's reported average completion times for transfers of part is 67.71 working days, it's a reason for concern.

  • Housing and Planning at the Conservative Party Conference

    14 November 2016

    With a new Prime Minister, a new Chancellor, a new Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, and a new Housing and Planning Minister, what would emerge from this year's Conservative Party Conference with regard to Housing and Planning policy was anybody's guess.

  • Augmented Real Estate?

    11 November 2016

    The gaming app Pokémon Go is paving the way to an accessible form of augmented reality. We explore how businesses and real estate operators are rapidly unlocking new opportunities.

  • High Court awards damages to Buyer for fraudulent replies to enquiries

    4 March 2016

    In Greenridge Luton One Ltd and another v Kempton Investments Ltd [2016] EWHC 91 (Ch), the High Court considered a claim for fraudulent misrepresentation and held that a buyer was entitled to have its deposit returned because of an untrue representation made recklessly or fraudulently by the seller that there were no service charge arrears, when in fact there were such arrears.